Chithandizo.com is a platform that connects people and organizations in Malawi with various financial services and opportunities. It is part of the InteGrow Capital Group, a for-profit company that operates under the laws of Malawi. Our clients include individuals, public institutions, and non-governmental organizations.

We are more than just a fundraising website. We are a platform that empowers the Malawian community to achieve their goals and dreams. Whether you need money for education, health, business, or social causes. Chithandizo.com can help you raise funds quickly and easily.

Clients can create and manage their own donation campaigns with simple and secure payment options. You can also track the progress of your campaigns with accessible analytics and share them with your supporters on social media. Simply put, Chithandizo.com will help you reach a wider and more generous audience that cares about your cause.


At Chithandizo, We Value Your Trust And Security Above All. Our Dedicated Trust & Safety Team Monitors Every Campaign And Donation To Prevent Fraud And Ensure Compliance. We Also Offer The Only Donor Protection Guarantee In The Industry: The Chithandizo Giving Guarantee. With Over Eight Years Of Experience And The Most Funds Raised, Chithandizo Has Become The Trusted Partner Of Reputable Organizations And Authorities Worldwide.

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We Are A Special Fundraising Website Dedicated To Helping The Malawi Community. Our Mission Is Simple: We Want To Empower Individuals And Organizations To Bring Positive Change To The Lives Of Fellow Malawians. We Believe That Each And Every One Of Us Has The Power To Make A Difference, And Chithandizo Is Here To Make It Easy For You To Do Just That. Join Us On This Incredible Journey Of Transformation. Together, We Can Bring Hope And Change In the World. Chithandizo: Making A Difference In The World.

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